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"and if you asked me to narrow down all of the dynamics of everything that ACID PRO is.. to a word.. that word would be AdvancedBasiCs"

What We Do

ACID.. independentMusicLeague: We Are Creators and Curators of Premium Acidized Loops. iML AUDiO recognizes ACID Pro Music Creation Software, as the "Art of Time-Stretch" and in music production, more often than not, "sampling" can be a major part.. and therefore "the need for Time-Stretch capabilities" without limitation is essential.. SO WHAT WE DO HERE: is produce music that is reminiscent of the styles of music traditionally sampled world-wide.. Funk, Rhythm and Blues from the 60's, 70's and 80's, plus Rap, Hip-Hop and RnB from the 90s right up to the present.. and then curate them within ACID.. which brings US to the point! URBAN STEMS.. the point: is that you hear something you like, you single it out and take it or as much of it, as you like.. the idea: is that "You can sample", till your Heart's content.. and the sounds contained in iML's Sample Libraries are Royalty Free.. giving you peace of mind, in knowing that you can do "What Ever You Wish" with your creations made with iMLs "InterChangeable Musical Loops" Samples.. and Grooves. iMLs are essentially Acidized Wav files.. Embedded with the data to allow seemless looping, using your favorite music production software. 

  1. Please note that if you are not using ACID Pro, You can use iMLs just the same, as many of the most notable Music Creation Software support the "Omni-popular" 'ACID format'..

  • FL STUDiO 12

  • Javascript

  • HTML

  • After Effects

  • Copywriting



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