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independentMusicLeague PRESENTS tMaUncleSam’s New Solo Album “SOS”

Dec 07, 2023 by USERtMa - Comments Off on independentMusicLeague PRESENTS tMaUncleSam’s New Solo Album “SOS”

Ever wonder how your favorite songs are made? Ever wonder what happens between the time it takes your favorite artist to record a song and the time it plays on your radio? The process of making music is a specialized art, and there are a handful of amazing technicians working behind the scenes to help engineer the hits we all love and enjoy.

We recently sat down with legendary music producer and mix engineer tMa UnclSam to ask.. what is SOS? and who is the CLR TEAM? and to discuss it's evolution in the audio industry, his work with Jason Mizel and what it takes to become a great producer/engineer.. and the unique sound that can be heard across numerous genres and styles of music. tMa's insights are endless and inspiring!


Jun 09, 2022 by USERtMa - Comments Off on CiTY LEAGUE RHYMERS (CLR TEAM) Coming Soon!

The follow up to an already impressive catalog that includes last year’s “BigCityMusic”on iML AUDiO, “EastSide Story” is CLR’s first full-length album on iML AUDiO. Crunchy guitar licks, intricate solos and occasional improvisations are the order of the day, combined with hip hop beats, skillfully chopped vocals and tight synth lines to devastating effect.

We’re now exactly one week away from the release date. To make the wait a little smoother, the fatigued one was totally down to the idea of previewing a track for y’all before the album drops. So without wasting too much time, here is the opening track from “EastSide Story”:

SpanishFly” | iML AUDiO

Album is out on May 6th!

Before: “There Was ACID”..

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Many of today's music producers have over looked wave or loop based applications in favor of midi sequencers such as FL STUDIO and others for the sake or making "original music" but what is original? because i could have sworn that "Original" referred to something which has never been done, seen or heard before.. or any combination of the 3.

Around about 2006.. a self proclaimed writer/recording artist, i visited a home studio with a friend.. we went in and it became clear at that moment that i was going to produce.. He was using ACID Pro.. 5.. and after about 30 minutes i was so taken aback by what i had just witnessed all i wanted was to get out of there and get back to what would become 'My' workstation, which was "nothing" but a dell c521 desktop computer, no mic, no audio interface.. but passion so great that literally days later, i was downloading ACID 5.. mesmerized by the installation as i am seeing this bright green indication/progression i had only seen once before.. at Josh's home studio.. and so it was, i used a pair of ear bud headphones to make my first sample-based music production(BEAT). i still have it. ff>> 12yrs later Never have i stopped or failed to praise and use the ability of this application.. with it i can sample, chop, edit and sync audio to produce what sounds like the precision of a Master on an MPC.. it is ABSOLUTE!

i have since gained more insight and knowledge of music production, and though i admit, i became aware of the MIDI sequencer in ACID.. i became aware of MIDI sequencing in FL STUDIO.

ENTER FRUITY LOOPS 9,(FL STUDIO) it was 2010.. kind of awkward at first as i was out of my comfort zone, but before long i was Re-Wiring the two.. and soon i was producing my own loops which were the basis of my early original productions, and exporting them into ACID where i as king.. needless to say i was beginning to exhaust my options and ability to go further still in ACID, but mean while FL STUDIO's possibilities were just beginning.. i continued to use FL STUDIO until i was certified.. but i will say this about ACID.. it remains a go to and could easily still be the basis of over 50 to 60% of my production.. it is now the close of 2020 and i am exceeding what i thought was possible..

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