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independentMusicLeague PRESENTS tMaUncleSam’s New Solo Album “SOS”

Jun 07, 2019 by USERtMa - Comments Off on independentMusicLeague PRESENTS tMaUncleSam’s New Solo Album “SOS”

Ever wonder how your favorite songs are made? Ever wonder what happens between the time it takes your favorite artist to record a song and the time it plays on your radio? The process of making music is a specialized art, and there are a handful of amazing technicians working behind the scenes to help engineer the hits we all love and enjoy.

We recently sat down with legendary music producer and mix engineer tMa UnclSam to ask.. what is SOS? and who is the CLR TEAM? and to discuss it's evolution in the audio industry, his work with Jason Mizel and what it takes to become a great producer/engineer.. and the unique sound that can be heard across numerous genres and styles of music. tMa's insights are endless and inspiring!

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Jun 09, 2017 by USERtMa - Comments Off on iML AUDiO: (CiTYLEAGUE Mix)

I’ve been a die–hard music fan since my youth, but I began to understand the structure of music when I learned to DJ 12 years ago. After a few years of DJing with vinyl, a program called Serato was introduced that allowed me to DJ using MP3’s with the same control I had with vinyl. As a bonus though, unlike vinyl, MP3’s can be edited and remixed. My first production endeavors were simple re-edits of songs for improved mixing. My friend John Goff, a lifelong analog and electronic musician, would help me with these re-edits and indulged me as I became more ambitious with my arrangements. John suggested that we build some original music together. We put some instrumental compositions together, and then serendipitously met Merritt Lear and her former bandmate Joe Cassidy. Merritt added incredible vocals and melody ideas, and Joe added guitar and production/arrangement. We completed two songs, decided to name our project NØISE, and to rush produce a 7 inch for release at my 50 Shades of Black art show. I worked up some art for a screen-printed cover, and we cut and glued 500 sleeves to complete the NØISE “Little Lions” 45 RPM 7 inch. Additionally, all 500 are signed and numbered but will still be priced at $10… with no added “Art Tax” in sight. You can listen to the music on the turntables provided in the Subliminal Projects gallery, or buy it for the art. To be clear though, this is not an art project with music included, it is a music project with art included. We’ll release some stuff digitally eventually, but it’s vinyl only for now. Get the NØISE “Little Lions” 7 inch  at 50 Shades of Black.


Jun 09, 2017 by USERtMa - Comments Off on CiTY LEAGUE RHYMERS (CLR TEAM) Coming Soon!

The follow up to an already impressive catalog that includes last year’s “BigCityMusic”on iML AUDiO, “EastSide Story” is CLR’s first full-length album on iML AUDiO. Crunchy guitar licks, intricate solos and occasional improvisations are the order of the day, combined with hip hop beats, skillfully chopped vocals and tight synth lines to devastating effect.

We’re now exactly one week away from the release date. To make the wait a little smoother, the fatigued one was totally down to the idea of previewing a track for y’all before the album drops. So without wasting too much time, here is the opening track from “EastSide Story”:

SpanishFly” | iML AUDiO

Album is out on May 6th!