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This Playlist is incomplete. But it is an example of the Level and Type of Love She possessed. The List will GROW.. And will remain a go to destination for your listening pleasure..

Not many people knew my mom.. She was from the backwoods of Mississippi.. and to "Ascend" from Mississippi against the odds, make it to BK NY meet a guy like my father.. SL Senior and produce me, well, "i know" this is special in and of itself!, She had to have been something "Else" (of course this isn't the whole story, i have a few brothers and sisters with fathers of their own.)
but this is my intimate account of the woman me my brothers and sisters called Mommy..
And i dedicate this Playlist to her.. and so.. imagine, being 456 7, 8.. 9 years old and having your mind blown forever.. by a woman like this.. who played music like this..

Please note, that There is no navigation to the Playlist on the website.. so when on the site, if not by way of this link.. if you so happen to think of this Playlist, you will only need but to invoke it.. you know?.. /ms or /Ms Bernice Playlist

The list is special to me.. it was a Special time, and i hope everybody can get what i got from it.. it was by way of my mom.. she accomplished so much in the short amount of time she was with us.. She had sugar diabetes and breast cancer.. it was bitter sweet because in retrospect my mom was a real life's version of a Charlotte's web.. there were 9 of us.. and i remember her saying to us at what i see now to be strategic points in our child hood that she was not always gonna be here, and i can still hear us in unison crying out, "Don't say that Mommy" with the childish naivety of small children, some of us were.. and by no means am i special because i love my mom, but i felt special. And i can honestly say that my mom was the sweetest most nurturing woman for miles around at any given point in time or geographically.. This was not only my first example, This was my example.. simply Special! #PRIVILEGED